Music Producer
Based in Los Angeles

In vedic astrology, Saturn is the planet that brings the most pain, and the most growth. It is the taskmaster that forces you to learn your lessons or be doomed to repeat your mistakes. With his music, producer Greatness of Saturn propels you forward in your own introspection. The music is built on the concept of humanity losing sight of itself, and intelligent energy from outer realms reaching out to guide us along our troubled way. Through this beneficence, humanity is taken to the next stage of its evolution, a new platform of mindfulness and self expression. A fusion of old and new instruments and technologies dance together in this work; it refracts and reflects upon itself. More traditional recording textures (e.g., real analog synthesizers, real acoustic drums) are interlinked with modern day software-based techniques. The result provides the perfect musical bathtub to sink into and begin a journey of introspection.



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